KANJI CARDS Classic - Goldschmidt-Bruckenheimer


By Goldschmidt-Bruckenheimer

  • Release Date: 2014-11-02
  • Genre: Words & Language


Kanji Cards Classic has two standard card decks which can be used for regular card games. The size is 2,5x3,5 inches.

Learning Kanji is not simple, sometimes trying to practice and to learn them is very complicated and boring, especially for kids or teenagers. One of the best way how to do this is remembering how they look like, so that they become well known. This is one of the hardest steps and it needs time.

The best way how to learn Kanji is use them. And card games is one of the best way how to do this. It helps to learn even without thinking about it.  On the card is not only Kanji, also hiragana and katakana transcription with english description. So except Kanji it will be easier to understand hiragana and katakana too. Hiragana is for Japanese words and Katakana is for foreign words.

During the many fun games it will be easier and simple to learn them and by the way all of them are in JLPT  N5 test. Have fun! :-)